Siren Audio Studios

Siren Audio Studios has been publishing audiobooks and audio entertainment since 2010, producing award winning audio with its very first production. Our books are distributed around the world on airlines and monorails through Spoken Ink, UK, and domestically by Audible,, EBSCO, Midwest Tape and OverDrive.

From the beginning, the mission of the company was to create and produce audio entertainment that would allow us to experiment with all those music tracks available on digital audio software. We firmly believed that a single reader audiobook need never sound like a single reader audiobook and even toyed with the idea of providing warning labels on our full cast audio dramas. The warning label for the Audie nominated mystery: Return to Marshall’s Bayou would read: There is no need to pull over when driving; there is no alligator in the back seat.

In today’s mobile friendly world, it’s easy to believe that media is so interchangeable, that hearing the book is like reading the book, and that it’s hard to distinguish between the two. Our goal has always been the opposite: that no one who listens to a Siren Audio Studios production will ever forget whether they read the book or heard the book; they might, however, not remember whether they heard the book or saw the movie.

Siren Audio Studios is an imprint of The Columbus Group, LLC.